Why Participate

    • Trade fair activities reveals that trade fairs represent the marketing instrument with a wide- ranging and far-reaching impact:
    • Out of all the marketing instruments available trade fairs offer by far the widest range of functions. This is where exhibitors can conduct business, cultivate their image, look for business partners and examine the market.
    • Unlike internet research, print adverts, mailings, banners, e-mails, newsletters, flyers or catalogues, all of which offer only abstract impression, trade fairs showcase the product on display and offer a hands-on experience.
    • Even the sophisticated services offered by the world of information technology cannot replace face-to- face meetings at trade fairs.
    • The wealth of products the market has to offer is gradually increasing by time, and with so many choices available, involving complicated explanations, making a decision becomes more difficult.
    • Experts agree that despite the cost of trade fair participation there is no other instrument that brings a company into contact with so many competent professionals over such a short period of time.
    • Another advantage of trade fairs is the opportunity they offer to cultivate customer relations.
    • Relations can be maintained by a brief conversation on the stand rather than by spending large amounts of time and money on travelling.